General Overview
My data management tool is designed to keep track of your business’ location-related information on multiple directories. It enables me to sync your:
  • Business Name, Address and Phone Number;
  • Business hours, products and services, holiday hours, photos and videos, staff, and calendars;
  • In-store coupons and other mobile wallet content;
  • Address, phone number and content in any language;
  • Business categories;
  • Location labels, and advanced search and filtering.
How Does It Work?
The tool automatically audits business directory listings, updating and replacing inaccurate information as needed. The software also identifies listing opportunities that can enable you to fill a void where no information previously existed.
How Important is this tool to Your Small Business?
The data management software instantly places and then updates your business information in more than 50 directories per location. The reasons why this is important for your business are twofold.  First, many businesses lose potential customers by having the wrong information showing on Google or whatever other directory a customer happens to be searching. However, this eliminates that problem by syncing and updating your information across all major directories.
Secondly, achieving a high Google page rank relies on a number of things, including how your business contact information is displayed on various third-party directories. These listings are usually referred to as business citations or "NAP" (for name, address and phone number.) While keeping your business information consistent and accurate across all directories can be overwhelming, it is necessary if you are intent on achieving good ranks. This is where this tool saves the day.
Other benefits include:
One central dashboard to make name, address, phone or other local business changes;
Review monitoring;
Enhanced Listings that include photos, specials, etc.;
Local listing analytics.
What goes into setting this tool up to run for you?
  1. Gather all business information for each listing (6) from the most recent directory (Google My Business);
  2. Identify all inaccuracies including duplicate listings or content;
  3. Identify all listings that the business listing(s) are currently on, and ones that your business is not on.
  4. Fix all inaccuracies;
  5. Create listings that your business is missing out on;
  6. Create a central dashboard for all locations including listing status, and reputation management;
  7. Sync data to all listings so that all of the business information is accurately displaying across the web;
  8. Generate and send report verifying that all of your businesses information is displaying 100% accurate across all listings per location.
What happens if my business information changes?
If your business information changes, email me the new business information if that be a phone number, email address, physical address, etc. and I will put it into the system. The system will then populate that new information everywhere!